Liana Leordeanu
Liana Leordeanu is a highly respected transformational speaker, life strategist and author.

She is passionate about inspiring others to uncover their purpose, stretch beyond their self-imposed limitations and experience the greatness that is within them.

Always a high achiever, Liana landed her first job at a global health-care company, quickly climbing the corporate ladder and being promoted through the ranks in seven short years. She rose to positions of prominence, including business development, corporate trainer, national product launch manager, and managed a 1,500 person sales staff. At the top of her career her life changed permanently one night due to a nearly fatal car accident. Unconscious, in severe three month coma, with extensive brain trauma, and the near complete collapse of her facial bone structure, Liana had to endure a journey that would reshape her life. After having more than 30 cranioplastic surgeries and a long journey of physical, emotional and financial reconstruction and healing, Liana not only survived, she is alive and thriving.

That night of the accident changed everything for her and about her and has given her a wealth of knowledge and insight she never expected to have. Throughout her long recovery she grieved for the person she once was, only to find there was more to herself than she could have ever imagined. Liana fundamentally changed the way she saw the world when she changed from asking, “Why did this happen to me?” to “Why did I survive?”

With a new outlook on life, Liana encourages others to pursue what really moves them, teaches them how to shift their thinking and focus on designing the extraordinary life of freedom and fulfillment they deserve. She is now dedicated to spreading her message of perseverance and that it’s never too late to define your destiny and rekindle the sizzling desire for achieving success.

Merging her vast experience in the corporate world of sales and marketing, business savvy, spiritual flare, as well as her earned certifications as NLP Practitioner and Coach, Liana powerfully motivates others to recondition their mind-set to overcome any adversity and create a life of purpose and passion. She believes in and teaches the Law of Reciprocity. She shows others how by giving more, they will receive more. Through this process, life is reshaped, and they can finally live in a way that directly reflects who they were born to be. Her clients say she is “inspiring, supportive and compassionate,” as she teaches strategies that allow them to work through their fears, grief and obstacles that had kept them blocked from success.

Aside from co-authoring the best-selling Dare to Succeed” with Jack Canfield and other leading experts from around the world, as a member of the Giving Foundation of Wake Up Women, LLC, Liana is an expert author in the recently published book Wake Up Women Be You: Spread Your Wings and Fly, dedicated to empower women worldwide to live the life of joy and prosperity they were meant to live.

For more information on Liana, please contact her via email at or directly at her office number at (772) 261-4377.